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FOD Inspection

Two types of Foreign Object Debris Inspection are discussed, as well as what activities make a good inspection program. 00:60 seconds.

FOD Prevention

The best approach to FOD prevention relies on a systematic framework for work organization and cleanliness called 5S. 00:60 seconds.

FOD Removal

FOD removal can range from the simple and straightforward - - to the challenging and complex. 00:60 seconds.

Incident Response

Incident Response Plans are designed to mitigate any risks to the BES. Three types - operational, physical and cyber, are considered. 250 seconds.

Physical Access Controls

CIP-011 requires companies to self-identify BES Cyber System Information, and to develop and maintain evidence of processes or procedures that address protections for that information. 220 seconds.

Physical and Conceptual Assets

Perform a review of asset types and see how they impact the BES. Knowledge, Documents, People, and Equipment are considered.

Policy Requirements and Coverage

Specifically addressed in CIP-003, Responsible Entities have the flexibility to develop cyber security policy, or policies to address security issues based on impact ratings. 180 seconds.

Protecting and Classifying

Self-identify BES Cyber System Information. Develop & maintain information protection policies and procedures. 160 seconds.

Rating Assets

CIP-009 requires companies to have a recovery plan which supports the continued stability, operability, and reliability of the BES. The three recovery phases are reviewed.