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Compliance Monitoring and Audits

The issues of Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement are reviewed, as well as Violation Risk Factors, Violation Severity Levels, and Audit types. 180 seconds.

Comprehensive CIP 2019

Comprehensive SCORM course covering ALL CIP standards topics required for NERC compliance. Course CAN be CUSTOMIZED (call).

Control Center Communications

CIP-012 addresses the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted between an Entity’s own control centers, or with another Entity’s control center. 150 seconds.

Electronic Access Controls

CIP-005 requires companies to restrict and manage electronic access to BES Cyber Systems by specifying a controlled Electronic Security Perimeter ( ESP ). 200 seconds.

Exceptional Circumstances

The concept of the Exceptional Circumstance is discussed, as to its definition, declaring, responding to and recovering from one. 120 seconds.

FOD Analysis

How do you analyze Foreign Object Debris? Knowing the history of an FOD event prepares you not to repeat mistakes. 00:60 seconds.

FOD Comprehensive

A complete course on Foreign Object Debris. Prevention, Removal, Evaluation, and Detection are covered. Focus on aerospace/airports.

FOD Defined

Foreign Object Debris is defined. Foreign Object Debris can potentially cause Foreign Object Damage which can result in physical or economic distress. 00:60 seconds.

FOD Detected

Foreign Object Debris such as stray nuts and bolts, misplaced tools, pens, luggage hardware--even stray animals and birds--are dangers lying in wait. 00:60 seconds.