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5S Set In Order

Set in Order creates efficient and effective storage systems so everyone can find the tools, materials, and supplies they need. 00:60 seconds.

5S Shine

Shining, as the S5 framework calls it, is a self-designed process encouraging a thorough cleaning of your work area, equipment, and tools. 00:60 seconds.

5S Sort

Sorting is the first step toward a tidy and organized work area which makes things easier to find. 00:60 seconds.

5S Standardize

Good habits are the backbone of standards and guidelines which will effectively and efficiently implement the goals of the 5S framework. 00:60 seconds.

5S Sustain

Sustainability makes us consider what we’re doing today to make tomorrow’s world a better place. Continuing education is critical for the success of the 5S Framework. 00:60 seconds.

Access Management and Mismanagement

Managing access is part science and part psychology. Management variables are considered and access types are reviewed. 120 seconds.

Access States and Management

Review the 9 states of access which Entities must consider as well as the 2 steps in enabling access. 160 seconds.

Acronyms and Standards

Review the Acronyms associated with the CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) Standards, and consider why standards themselves are useful. 160 seconds.

Asset Deep Dive

Review the types of assets, asset groups and protection systems. Consider BCA, BCS, EACMS, PACS and PCAS. How are they rated? 160 seconds.