About Us

Training for a fast paced and mobile workforce

Is 60 Seconds Enough Time?

Some people believe you can’t teach anyone anything of substance in 60 seconds. We think those people shortchange the creative community and their ability to clarify and educate others in a compressed timeframe.

Overstressed & Mobile

We understand that people’s time is at a premium, and that training needs to evolve with the world in which we live and work. While we realize that some training requires more than one second and three words (“Don’t Do That”), we are making it our mission to work with people who can design and develop video clips that are entertaining, enlightening and educational and effect real change in 60 seconds.

Cloud Based & Affordable

We’re building an expanding training library with a secure, modern backbone where you can purchase, assign, monitor, track and report on courses that address today’s business challenges. We’ve heard your concerns about seat time AND cost and we believe we have developed a 21st century solution.

What Other Training Is Needed?

For those companies who have already purchased courses and have benefited from our training approach, we want you to suggest training topics you need but we have yet to develop. That gives our development partners incentive to develop new videos and let’s us package the courses so we can contact you as soon as they are available.

Would You Like To Partner With Us?

For those companies who might like to partner with us in tackling and providing well produced videos on common topics of concern to the corporate world, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss our monetization model – we think you’ll be impressed.