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Latest Courses

FOD Comprehensive

A complete course on Foreign Object Debris. Prevention, Removal, Evaluation, and Detection are covered. Focus on aerospace/airports.

Comprehensive CIP 2019

Comprehensive SCORM course covering ALL CIP standards topics required for NERC compliance. Course CAN be CUSTOMIZED (call).

Transients and Removables

Transient Assets and Removable Media are different based on their designation as Cyber Assets. What are examples of each? What about cloud storage? 145 seconds.

Supply Chain Management

CIP-013 addresses cyber security risk management applies to your supply chain - your vendors and partners. The four security objectives of Supply Chain Management Controls are discussed. 210 seconds.

Terms and Relationships

Review the types of Entities, U.S. and Canadian, the concept of bright-line criteria, and the relationship of assets, entities and the BES. 180 seconds.

Risky Business

Risk is considered when referencing infrastructure reliability, functions, noncompliance, supply chain, and personal risk assessment. 170 seconds.

Recovery Plans

CIP-009 requires companies to have a recovery plan which supports the continued stability, operability, and reliability of the BES. 210 seconds.

Rating Assets

CIP-009 requires companies to have a recovery plan which supports the continued stability, operability, and reliability of the BES. The three recovery phases are reviewed.

Protecting and Classifying

Self-identify BES Cyber System Information. Develop & maintain information protection policies and procedures. 160 seconds.